Animals behaving like humans

Hey Everyone!

I would like to bring to light my view of us as a species.

I believe that  many of us need to be reminded that we are still animals. That this is still the jungle. I feel that a lot of behaviors, and emotions with desires all have a grounding in this primal animistic self that has existed with us for longer than our logical mind.

I always hear others say don’t act like an animal. However I’ve never seen animals go to war. I’ve never seen animals do anything outside of doing what they need to do, and what they know they need to do in order to survive.

Through out the times the powers that be with all their cunning and guile have tricked you into believing that humans are above nature, but human nature is still nature. We are not above anything. We are simply a part of it. I feel that they have done this to us in order to keep a hierarchical type of power system where they can feel safe, and also keep from getting their hands dirty.

Human beings are pack animals. We exist in groups in order to survive better. We are able to do this by falling into a role within the group that supports it’s survival. The different personality types are basically the different role that a pack needs in order for it to survive, and evolve. Over time society has dictated what roles we should do, and has limited us extremely. They are herding us like cattle.

You have to remember Predator Prey rules exist here.


Fortunately I’ve been gifted with the role of being a loner. I get to sit in my cave or tree watching you all interact, and play, and do what you do. However I am very much different than most of you. My type of role is not one that is very prevalent in the world. We are mostly Hated, and feared.

But only by those who have decided that ignorance and complacency is more important than the future of our species.

Like I said before. Every role is needed in order for a group to survive. While the Alphas dominate you all into submission. While they prey on you like a fox in the chicken coop. We prey on them. We are here for checks and balances. We are the one thing they fear the most.

and rightfully so….

While they rely on intimidation, power, money, sex, and lies to beat you into submission.

We rely on our knowledge of ourselves, and we are able to see the bigger picture of things.

Over the centuries the ones in power have been building a maze of lies, and a stage of illusions. They use this to train the masses to be more obedient, and compliant. They are trying to breed our primal instincts out of us. They make us doubt those instincts, which allows them to develop them further to become stronger beasts.

Don’t fret though….

We are here to balance it out. Like I said before. How you ask?

Well the social structure relies on foundation that is not only fluid like water, but hard like steel. It has to be able to be strong in the face of a threat, and when there is not a threat it begins to turn it’s predatory instincts in on itself. When people like us aren’t around serious misfortune befalls those groups. When we are around we spread seeds to those who are being trained as sheep. We teach the others how to watch out for the real enemy. We help humanity evolve by sharing information that is needed to survive. When the Leaders hide it in order to maintain power.

So to sum it up.

Animals == Humans

We all play a role in our society, and need to strive to work together more effectively despite different points of view or beliefs. We all live on the same planet. We need to act like it. The disinformation campaigns, and the misinformed spreading information aren’t going to cut it.

You can’t just walk through life not paying attention. Before you know it the small things all add up to bigger ones.

Think for yourselves! Don’t believe what you are told. Look that shit up people!

I swear, you would think people reading and writing on-line all the time would mean that people are thinking more. Yet it seems to me that reading and thinking are necessarily exclusive.

Waning Crescent Moon (June 16, 2012)
I obtained this picture from this source:





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