Ignorance bliss?

Ignorance is bliss to the individual. Every individual has an obligation to the society they belong to. That obligation is to keep the society functioNing efficiently. By efficiency I am talking about the equality of treatment amongst individuals, and the equality of self so that no being is treated unequally no matter the circumstances. Each person is like each other just under different circumstances that have been inflicted by other individuals or that individual. The circumstances for which anyone should be judged should be on a case by case bases and judgment should arise on whether the person was doing his duties while others were not and deemed innocent or the person was not doing his duties (in the society he chooses to inhabit due to circumstances either beyond or out of the individuals control) while others were then deemed to be guilty. Said person should then be evaluated to determine the correct course to get them doing his duties correctly and for the individual to be able to maintain his duties while under the observance of the immediate individuals around them. Direct negative interference will result in negative behavior due to the individual not feeling the same as the individuals around them.  Thus alienating them will lead to further issues with functioning within that society until that Individual eventually becomes a distraction for those around themselves leading to the loss in efficiency of other Individuals which will require the original individual to be exiled or detained away from the rest of society possibly even leading to the said individuals execution due to the severity of actions.
If people are ignorant then they only know what they know and what’s good for them. It is our responsibility to teach ourselves and our societies how to cohabit this earth with minimal negative actions taken in order to strengthen our species and the rest of the species around us. We all need everything else to survive. Ignorance is not bliss it’s a black hole that if not handled correctly will swallow us whole. Nature/the universe/this dimension will find a way to exile, kill, or rehabilitate us.

The society we all exist in is more vast than you can imagine. If your not doing your part just imagine what could go wrong in the larger scale of things. When a wire is bad on a network, in the electrical system of a house in a computer one of the contacts bad or pins bent. The whole system can fail, or be destroyed if not taken care of by, fixing it, replacing it, and under some circumstances it being recycled.

Blissful ignorance if not correctly handledo becomes chaotic ignorance which can inflict others with a dutiful anger to make order again.

Like our government systems, all of them.  They all are about ways to control the public so that they can peacefully cohabitation the location in which they exist. Because each way to control the masses is different there is conflict between land masses because of the ignorance they hold that we are some how all different and more or less violent because of lack of communication. The human earth machine has several cogs going different ways or even not turning at all. Instead of the people who inhabit this earth and whom out number those that have gained control standing up and saying come on guys all this fucking money and time and all these lives you have wasted for nothing. We are all looking for the same solutions. The problems each society faces are exactly the same. We are all equal individuals in an equal universe of balance. The ignorance of the human race that has existed in a few have grown out of control. They either need to be eradicate or educated. We have global communication. There is no need for war this should be a time of progress. Yes in the dark ages of man we all fucked up, but don’t hold the sins of the father on the son when your the grandpa. There has to be a point where we all say hey I’m sorry for what ancient or old society did to your ancestors I forgive you of your bloods crimes let’s show them how grown ups act and rebuild this tower of B



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