Wake up

​I’ll post the final version later


The masses consume masses
Of this junk food every second time elapses.

Never asking
Never grasping the reality that’s quickly passing

Trying not to make waves
In an ocean that’s always rising and collapsing

The futility of it all
The fight
The rise
The fall

What have we become
I see not man anymore
I see a pebble of sand trying not to be sand
In an endless ocean of terrible storms.

This i see, has most unfortunate
 become the standard a norm

How you might ask
But by one simple action

By not thinking for yourself.
A piece of sand caught in a terrible storm
With winds that you allow to move you
When you don’t need to move at all

Hiding from lightning and thunder
When it can do you no harm.

How can you be offended
By my kind interjection
if the world of mankind does exactly to you all of these things?

But alas my dear friend,
you will lose these kind jests.

If you don’t stand up and fight for your earned intelligence. The world doesn’t care which type of person you live as.

An ignorant fool consuming lies, or just A human living your life right.
So become obese if you must, but know a beast is what you will become.

While I live as a man, and one who understands
The truth between the lines.

Thinking and never believing these beastly lies which were designed by such terrible minds.

They want you to eat it up, and drink from your cup while devolving into one of them and simply don’t give a fuck.

Then it’s time to pass the Buck.

Wake up!


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