Now back to business

Well, I know my rants are pretty wild, and there is apparently no filter on my mind.

So, I’m not going to get everything on track.

You see the world is evolving, and if people are not paying attention. They will fall prey to those who have been keeping pace. I understand it is survival of the fittest. However the fittest are doing all they can do in their game of global chess trying to out manuever the enemy.

I understand countries, and need resources. I understand they aren’t all operating up to par. There are places that don’t have water.

I don’t believe that the world leaders are doing this on purpose. I just think that they have no idea how to balance out the responsibilities required to not only keep people safe, but keep the world’s ecosystem functioning properly.

I think they all kind of one day realized, “Oh fuck, we have ended up on the brink of extinction.”

Not just in one way, but two ways….

Nuclear War, Which I believe we could definately survive. However the Earth trying to rebalance things out, causing all types of elemental change. That’s serious. The earth is like an organism. It will weed out the cause of the distress, and will take care of it.

Some might not believe this, but it’s happening.

One thing I really hate that we have all had to deal with; is the war on ideas, ways of life, and beliefs.

On one hand we have people who do things we are not used to, and they feel the same way. In order for politics, and business to be able to do the work they do. They have to try and give you a reason to follow what they say. They like to make these differences into ravines from which no one is going to be able to crawl out of.

I understand that back in the day people were dumb, and scared that an ideology would tear down everything that they have lived for.

This is the future now. We know the only things that can tear down our societies and governments are poor planning, and ourselves. I know this sounds crazy.

Here is an example:

Let’s say you want to topple another countries government. You can’t just claim God or Allah want’s it so, and then it is so. You have to look for a weakness. What is the most easily owned target? The people! There are so many of them.

If a country isn’t taking care of it’s people. You can use any damn reason you want to make the people act crazy. As long as you take care of them. If you make them feel like one again. That they matter Then they will have a reason to fight. All countries know this. This is where little cells of violent groups recruit their people. From those that feel disinfranchised. Those that feel that their needs are not being met.

It’s not an Ideology. It’s Psychology. Human behavior isn’t very complicated. Dispite what the psychologist tell you. It’s very basic, and although there are several serious disorders. THere are ways to handle them.

I don’t know why they think they have to force one way or the highway. Beyond Earth If we don’t pull together. There will be no highway.

A great Man said something once. You have to be like water. Can we get our leaders to be like this? I mean fuck…. Why the hell are you trying to fight over dumb shit when if we banded together we would be out of here already.

There is one thing



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