A Beast I am Lest a beast I become..

I read this quote in relation to a collection of Global mythological creatures being used to create a game. This quote is in reference to how you must conduct yourself as a Vampire in order to survive. You must survive on Blood, if you don’t feed you devolve into this frenzied monster who’s only goal would be consuming as much blood as you needed to come back into consciousness. Sometimes newly created Vampires would still hold attachment to their former lives. They would feed only little, and only from lower animals, but eventually would succumb to “The Beast” in this rage they would often kill those they cared about, and sometimes themselves.

The reason I believe this is relevant to this discussion is because of what I plan on proposing as a remedy to much of our social incompetency, and disruptive cognitive behavioral tendencies that threaten to destroy the ability to create lives that are meaningful, and worth something. Too many don’t feel that they belong in the society that they current exist in. The people that are supposed to be their neighbors and friends have become one more obstacle to what they want. Instead of people that can help them get what they want.

By creating two strong opposing political factions which are often ran by those of great influence, and money over time  have become further from those they claim to represent.

This was inevitable. Instead of watching it all crumble on our heads, and instead of trying to use violent forms to overthrow these groups. Which will not only cause more harm, but will divide us even more. I have opted to initiate a movement.

If there is one thing I know is true, and that cannot be denied, it’s that we all live on this one planet. That we all belong to one Race. The Human one. One that is not above Nature or even in charge of trying to bend it to whatever will we want from it. A Race that is nature, and through following that nature. By reminding everyone that in us is the truth that we are animals, and that by stepping away from our natural side, and trying to rely on logic and rationality, reason alone is not what is going to save us from ourselves.

We all have our bias. We all have our points of view. I’m not asking you to drop any of these. I’m asking you to remember.

Before you were taught about the way things were, and how things were supposed to function. You were something that automatically did what was Vital in order for everything to function. You were created as a being with the power to do things that no other being could. The Cliché goes Power require responsibility. We are animals that have been given a little extra. Not Beings that were created completely different. We are of the earth we are of the Heavens. We all know exactly what needs to get done in order for us to do what we were made to do. Collaborate, Create, and spread our Seeds across this whole Universe until our numbers rival even the stars.

This isn’t a job for scientist. This isn’t a job for governments, and this isn’t a job for religious factions or philosophers.

There is only one person that can do this, and it’s you. You can’t do it tomorrow or the next day. It isn’t something you are going to have to add to your “busy” lifestyle. Which we all know isn’t very busy at all. How can you all be busy if your not doing anything worth while? How can you all sit here playing in the mud, and arguing whether or not one way living is righteous? How can you sit here and say your busy when your not even doing what successful organisms do in order to thrive?

Most of you are in fact right about one thing. You do have something to fear. You do have an enemy. It is one that is so insidious that even taking on the responsibility of even just trying to get a glimpse of it makes people go insane. The possibilities drive some into an early grave. They peer from under the bed sheet at a shadow on the wall, and then yell for their mommy, and daddy to scare it away.

Yet did they scare it away? No, you were lied to in order to believe you were safe when you were not. Slowly over time we have all be lied to bit by bit. We have been told that by believing in one way or that way or by doing certain things or by creating an organization that would be in charge of protecting us that we would be okay.

Are any of you okay? Are any of you actually living a life where you say what you want to or do what you want to without fear of the “others”

Kids refuse to raise their hands when they need help. Grown women and men refuse to ask for help or say that they don’t know something. They refuse to even talk about their personal perspective in relation to their experience because if they are wrong then they will look stupid or feel an uncomfortable emotion.

What is the point of living in a herd if we are not making the herd stronger. We have been told that monsters don’t exist, and yet they are stealing children, and murdering our loved ones everyday. The things have been told that would protect us from the things in the dark have been poisoned, and used by those things in order to be able to get to it’s prey without hassle. People complain about police forces shooting innocent people? People complain about the church’s pedophiles molesting children? People complain about corrupt politicians, and corporations not giving us fair treatment? People complain about science creating synthetic foods, and genetically engineering items that cause us more harm than they are worth?

Now let me ask you something. How is this all possible? I’m not asking how to change it. I want to know who let all of this happen. How did these systems that were supposed to protect, and strengthen, and embolden us. Make us feel that our lives were worth something that the things we believed in, and have worked our asses off for in one way or another was worth it. That after we leave this state of being that everything we had done was enough. Many die everyday crying because they didn’t have enough time. That they didn’t do enough.

That’s not fair, but you know what is?

I believe, think, and feel that Most should die crying because they can’t even fathom the depth to which they have let us all down. Do you know how many people I’ve seen turn the other way when others are in need. People don’t always need money or food. Sometimes they just need a smile or a kind gesture to remind them that they are human. That they are worth something. Where in the world did we allow ourselves to be able to become insecure?

I’ve never seen an animal act insecure. I’ve never seen an animal die complaining that it wasn’t enough time. I’ve never seen an animal do anything that doesn’t benefit itself personally or the whole species collectively.

Do you know what is different between the other species? Over billions of years every ability they have had, and every instinct they have passed on has gotten sharper. Predators Got faster, and quieter. They are able to use the least amount of effort for the maximum gain for their pack. If they are Prey animals they have become sturdier, and more solid, and more pack aware. They know that in order for them to survive they have to work with other animals, and be aware, and be fast. When one of them can’t do it anymore. It’s sacrifice will allow the others to grow, and evolve and to survive.

Humans however…… What have we done? Killed each other over stupid shit? Created large organizations where others kill when things don’t go so well? We have created a situation where there is no place to go, but down.

What the hell was the point of creating spaceships, and all this really bad ass stuff if no one is going to use it right…… Shit guys they don’t even sell manuals anymore because no one reads them….Seriously WTF!

All these media outlets, and idiots shouting out about fake news.. Pffft you think you can rely on one article to find out what is going on in the world? Why do you think their is a Global Media Organization. It wasn’t made to tell you stuff you need to know. It was meant to influence you. If you think you can get by in life by taking everything you hear as the truth because some guy in suit reads it off a paper which has been carefully scripted not to piss off the people that fund them in the first place. You seriously need to stop watching the news or reading the newspaper.

It seriously isn’t helping your situation of trying to look intelligent in order to avoid unpleasant feelings. You have to put effort into being intelligent . If you all think that what these people are telling you is something that you need to hear

(beyond serious disaster warnings or things like that, and that means in your immediate area. Not what the enemy nations might be doing or might have done)

You need to take a good look at Human Behavior. In the past how often has any large power wielding organization abused the people that has been given to it simply because people decided to leave it up to them, and when it was too late because of these media or small powerful organizations, people were able to be excited over the wrong thing, and because of mob rule (aka a big ass stampede caused by nothing other than a loud sound instead of something real) many people died, and or were treated in such a vile way that doesn’t make one lick of sense. Where is your reasoning, rationality, and logic there?

What is the point of the Internet? We sure as hell aren’t communicating with everyone of the world. We sure are not using it to gather credible intelligence. We have a technology that brings us together in a heartbeat, if even that… yet we use it to feed our passions of being heard of being important of being part of something. Hell some of us get into some crazy shit, and end up on shows like how the Internet ruined my life…

Now we have even been tricked into thinking that the thing that was meant to bring us together could possibly ruin our lives…

When no one has realized our lives are already in ruins. All of us did this. Even me.

Now I don’t know about you all, but I’m done. I’ve lived my whole life speaking my mind, and doing what I want. I have done some very irresponsible things, and I have hurt peoples heart’s minds and souls. I don’t believe in violence so I have not inflicted physical harm on anyone, Directly… You know words can hurt. Poor treatment of someone can lead to physical ailments. I have not been a person apt to following strict healthy diets. However I have done my best when I see someone down and out to treat them like a human. I don’t play that shit. Everyone else averts their eyes to someone crying or some petty shit that could lead to the death of that person or others. How can we stand tall in the beliefs that we have when all we do in our respective places of worship is donate money to a cause where they aren’t asking you to donate money. They are asking you to donate your Love, and understanding and compassion. A little time. Why waste your time in any practice no matter what it is if you only think that giving something away when you show up is a practice??

I’m talking about anything. Studying, Researching, anything worth dedicating your life to? hell if you can’t smile at someone or hold the door open or have a little patience in tough times. If you aren’t taking what you have already, and sharing it with the other stuff you gained through your practice. Like science research or other abilities, Then wtf was the whole point?

To lay crying at your death bed complaining about not enough time to be selfish some more?

I’m not here to get you to act like the shadows gathered around you are not going to hurt you. I’m not here to tell you that one way of life is the right way or wrong way. I’m not here to define some common enemy that we can pour money, and bullets into, or something that we can write self help books costing up to 20 bucks a pop in the name of trying to re-purpose ancient texts that were supposed to help us all out of damnation in a language some might understand.

I’m here to tell you that you are the threat. We are the ones in control. That doesn’t mean we can just take over the world, and make a difference in one big swoop. That means we all need to come together, and talk about how we can strengthen our species. How we can come together to get the things done that need to be done again. We cannot leave it in the hands of those who would rather cry wolf and doom some of us to death for no reason.

We are the society on which they stand. We are the ones that fight for them. We are the ones that farm for them. We raise their future citizens in these poisoned educational systems. We raise their future citizens to be quiet and mind their business when they see something is wrong. We raise their future citizens to follow what they have said is necessary. Don’t you see it? We have raised our children to be treated like cattle being taken care of by wolves.

People are committing mass murder because violent extremist can make them feel worth something. People are putting blame in the Movies stars and Musicians because their kids are acting up. It’s the Russians, the Jews, the Muslims.

No it’s you. By deciding to let those who don’t care about other’s lives being worth something. You have made those lives feel like they have to make them worth something by any means necessary. They have done just that. The worst part is. The ones in control Love these acts to enforce the belief that without following what they say. The enemies surrounding you would creep in and destroy you.







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