For Real Though…

On a serious note. I know I can go off and rant about anything, and argue about everything.The difference is that I’m not going to take it to the extreme. By this I mean I’ll argue till my heart comes out my mouth. At the end of the conversation. I’ll always be willing to chill out.

My latest adventure led me down a path of arguing with Buddhist, and trying to tell them that I’m more of a Buddha than they were. This didn’t have the repercussion that I expected. I ended up becoming actually more in-tuned. There was something about myself I just didn’t get. Actually I don’t think anyone can put it into a definable term or collection of emotions and experiences that could explain my dilemma. It’s very weird.

I spent all day writing what I was trying to explain and/or get straight. I wrote about 100 pages. However each page was a different way to try and explain the same thing. Going back over it was crazy as chaos itself. I could literally see the universal chaotic energy on paper! I was so overwhelmed I attempted to get into contact with any spiritual leader I could. That’s when I ran into them!

I got pretty frustrated trying to tell them that Death doesn’t exist because it’s something that humans define as an end to mortality, and that in essence everything is complete. That nothing really dies it just re-purposes itself. death/birth destruction/creation chaos/order nothing/everything. those are all 2 separate words that define one thing.

My good friend which I’ll link you to later. Kept saying that death was another word for transformation. I kept saying that’s not right because when I think of transform. I think of something changing. When I look at Death I see an imperceptible crime of trying to cut something in half. that when thought of like that causes much distress. Yin, and Yang to me are the same thing, but for some reason our perception causes us to separate it.

(This is where I go off on a different path)(Understand the only way that i can explain this is like this. I’m trying to describe one thing, one situation, but our minds don’t work like that)

Hmm, This might be because of our survival instincts. If we all could realize what I will never be able to explain to you. We needed them to make it to this point, but now they have become a different necessity. The Animal instincts of Humans have been NERFED!

(Nerf-ed: To take power from. The difference between a Baseball bat, and a Nerf Bat.)

The Predatory Humans hunt just the same like we always have. Yet because we have been lead to believe that we don’t need these primal instincts. We don’t know how to recognize the signs. Some people get hairs that stand up. Sometimes it’s just a weird feeling. However when a Predator looks like a Law Enforcement Agent, or a Priest, or Doctor we just brush off those feelings. Something is off, but it’s probably because he is who he is.

Our societies have created institutions where these Predators are able to have their prey come to them. If questioned they can use the lack of information that some citizens have as well as the ability to intimidate through force to do what they want. I don’t know if you guys know about the fake Police pulling people over, and raping or killing them.

You know when attempting to conceal your activities. It is always best to wear a uniform, and make it look like your doing something. Every criminal knows this. Well some….. It works even better when the Uniform is real.

These facts in and of themselves should make the world think about how they decide to pick these people for these jobs. Obviously they don’t realize that a good Predator will build himself up to be exactly where he needs to be in order to do what he does best.

He/She gender doesn’t matter. A predator Preys on what it sees falling behind the herd. I believe I’ve heard that at any one time there are at least over a dozen, if not more. Serial killers operating at one time. Think about that. Not all of them want to be caught. Just the ones that play with the media, and law enforcement.

Now, I’m going to tie together what I’m getting at that I feel needs to be communicated to others.

We all live on this planet together. What I am saying is what countless of others more powerful than me politically, and more wealthier, and more holier, and spiritual have all said before. Yet the times were different when they were here. I believe the methods that have been put down before us need to come and evolve with us.

We now have global communication. We can even translate in real time a conversation of multiple languages. Yet like I’ve been doing within myself, and with others has been stupid. Who gives a shit what a word is supposed to mean. Who cares about definitions, and long explanations on small things.

I’m not trying to communicate a word. I’m trying to use a word as a pointer to what I”m actually speaking of. Communication is mostly body language. If you factor that in. Words aren’t fully necessary.

All of these Sages, Saints, Hollymen, Prophets, Scientist.

All of what they are doing is great to a point. However the more they try to find the right words to describe these things they research. The more their theories are going to lack substance, and cause rifts within the scientific community. Even the Religions have decided to chill out and come together.

(Except the extremist views, which probably feel that all that is wrong. However they will come together to face their next enemy. Religions gather to back each other, and the ones that don’t like it create side groups. Then the scientist use these side groups to justify an all out attack on religion)

Don’t quote me on this. Look at it as just a quick  note for later reference. It will make sense later. I swear this whole view of multiplicity, and it’s ability to all be the same, but look different is a bitch to explain when it’s ineffable.

I will however try to put forth my views on something that needs to be fixed, but because of it’s nature has to be worked on very delicately, and one grain at a time.

The next issue will be on what I believe that everyone should try and look at involving the human mind, and our evolution. You have to build your future on a solid foundation.



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