Here she is!

When I referred to arguing with Buddhist. It was the owner of the blog. Check it out! She has some great stuff! Also I don’t recommend doing what I do. My Ego and pride are not something that many have.

 It’s like they know something. Something old. I feel like at times I’m guided to things through situations that all end up being just to unreal. It’s like the fire in my being flares up. As if a wind blew against it. I then grow curious to what could be striking me so deeply. So, I go in the direction it blew in. All the while my fire gets stronger as if to be preparing for something. Then when I successfully get through it. I’m overcome with one profound experience.
I do warn you. The path I walk is dangerous. In ways you can’t imagine. Often times I find those who have gotten lost on a dark night, and whom veered from the path. This is where my insight comes from. The journey to get them back to where they knew. That way they can choose if they want to continue. I always have the same conversation. The outcome is a bit different. 

Some have went on, and I’ve not seen them again. Others have stop, and have setup shops along the way. I guess this is how they cope from never continuing. Maybe hoping one day too?

I’ll never know. All I do is travel. I feel this is something I’ll eternally do. However I learned long ago home is where the heart is. Which I will carry with me the whole time.

Thanks Tiffany!


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